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The simplest connection between tow vehicle and trailer is a weight-carrying hitch (WCH) system where the tongue weight of the trailer (typically 12-15% of the trailer's gross weight) is placed on the hitch and, by extension, the TV's rear axle. With large trailers come heavier tongues, and without a weight distributing hitch (WDH) system, the rear axle may become overloaded and the front axle underloaded:

Weight carrying hitch

WDH systems distribute the tongue weight over all of the axles in a rig:

Weight distributing hitch

The WDH ensures that proper steering control of the tow vehicle is maintained and that the rear axle is not loaded beyond its capacity.

Our system is the ProPride 3P. For more information, check out our 3P page.

A word about airbags

There's plenty of confusion about airbags and weight distribution. In short, airbags do not distribute weight and can lead to an overloaded rear axle and an underloaded front axle. The following video explains it well.

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