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Stopping a rig with the brakes of the tow vehicle alone is viable with smaller trailers. Regardless of type, however, just about any trailer heavier than 2000 lbs must be equipped with brakes. If the brakes are electrically activated, a brake controller inside the tow vehicle is required to send the correct voltage. The amount of voltage is proportional to the rate of deceleration.

In the summer of 2008 we upgraded to the highly regarded Tekonsha Prodigy. Key features of the Prodigy include:

The Prodigy proved to be well worth the investment. Most of the time I forgot it was there, which meant it was doing its job.

The F-150 we bought in the summer of 2015 had an integrated trailer brake controller, so the Prodigy stayed with the Sequoia when we sold it. And as good as the Prodigy was, the Ford's controller is better.

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