Our rest cure...

Victorian physicians prescribed a "rest cure" for patients who were deemed to be suffering from "neurasthenia" (exhausted nerves, thought be a condition of living in industrial cities). The "rest cure" could take many forms, but among its most popular was a prescribed trip to the countryside or to a hotel in the near-frontier woodlands where men and women were expected to avoid any physically- or mentally-demanding work and allow Nature (with a capital "n") to restore their broken bodies, minds, and spirits. Among the major benefactors of this prescription were travel / tourist companies who actually advertised at doctor's offices their "rest cure" options: rail travel to well-adorned hotels and guest houses in the bucolic and sublime landscapes outside of the city.

Now, we're hardly "neurasthenic" and our bodies, minds and spirits are largely intact. So we have a more modern and optimistic take on the term: time taken as a family to get away from it all (even if we do take most of it with us).

Morning light and mist

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