About Us

Here we are in all our glory.

Lake Louise chairlift - 030

In order of size we're John, Dawn and Emily. We live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

An army brat, John came to Ottawa with his family in 1985 when Dad took his last posting. Dawn has lived here all her life, so we've both had very different childhoods. That means we bring different perspectives together as we raise our beloved Emily.

We do lots of stuff together and camping has been one of our favourite family activities. We bought our first camping trailer in the fall of 2006 and we camped until the end of 2017. Camping has brought us closer together and has introduced us to fascinating new people, places and experiences.

Good times!

Early in 2018, we decided that for many reasons it was time for us to take a break from camping, and we sold our truck and trailer. We will continue to maintain this site as a record of past trips. We may return to camping; if so we will resume updates.

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